DayDream Believer
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2003-02-12 12:26:35 (UTC)

How come you dont call me?

I havent forgot S*, even thought I have a boy friend. In
many ways Tommy is the most perfect humanbeing in the whole
universe! But stil he isnt S*..
Its not like I want him to be eather, dont missunderstand
me, I love Tommy. The thing is that I miss S* and what we
had and Im wondering how he`s doing. Why dont he just call
me, call me like he used to in the middle of the night to
hear how I was doing.
I have given up every dream of us ever getting tougether,
not because it wont happend but because I dont want us to ,
we have a special connection, but we are not ment to be.
Stil I wonder how he`s doing..

Everything is fine with me and Tommy, ofcouse we have our
times with dissagreements and stuff but most of it comes
from missunderstanings and we solve it easaly:-)
He`s no nice and sweet with me for the moment, on Monday he
came and suprised with when I was babysitting. He came with
me home and stayed to the day afther, then I had to go to
school and he could sleep cause Tommy had called his work
and said he was not comming. I was finish at lunch and
Tommy came to the place my school are at cause there is
also a mal here. He went to the mal and I went to the gym.
And then he spend all his time with me til today, I had to
go to school, he was stil in my bed when i left but now
he`s left cause he want to apply for a new job.
I support him in it, as weird as it might be his big dream
is to be a buss driver and there is a big need for buss
drivers in town. They do anything to get you, pay you`re
licende if you dont have any and you can work as much extra
time as you want to.
I used to find it so stupid that he had no higher
expertations than to become a buss driver, me myfelf want
to do something for the world, be famous, important and
rememberd in the history.
LOL, I can see it in my head : "and here we have peace
maker Angel and her husbond Tommy a Norwegian buss driver
walking on the plaine in Irak afther a long discussion with
Saddam Hussein where he agree to give her the power over
his country." or "finaly afther 18 hours of hard work Angel
and her team can finaly say that their mission is done,
the three months old baby is no longer hostage and she can
now go home to her boyfriend and rest" " and behind Jewel
you can see Angel waliking out from the limosin on her way
into the Oscar, will she win this one to? Oh, who`s that
man walking out behind her, we just got a message on out
ear that that man is a buss driver from Norway, what is he
doning there??"

No, seriously I support him, not everyone have the
possibility to make their dreams come true and thouse who
can should. My dream is to run barefoot on a meadow filled
with fresh green gras with Selina and Samuel, and that we
would stay there for ever. Og couse I cant tell anyone
Its a weird though that I have about 7 years on the
universety in front of me, thats a lot of education and
Tommy only did one year afther hight school, he started on
a chief education but got so sick of it (real sick his
hands swallow) so he could not continue. So when Im
finished I got nine more years at school than him.
But he is smart thought, really smart, he can do a a lot of
things I dont understand anything about. But he wont save
the world, thats my job.