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2001-09-23 23:39:32 (UTC)

September 23, 2001

Ok, so whoa, it has really really been a long ass time
since I wrote in here. In case anybody happened to be
following my diary, I know you've gotten bored from this
very long interval. Well, I guess I've had a lot to say,
but just not enough time or effort to say it. Ok, to put
it simply, I'm a lazyass lol. Anyway, ok so we started
school again and started and that
sucks right now because for some strange reason my coach
started to hate me or something cuz I don't get to play and
he offers me no excuse why not. No good excuse anyway.
Why doesn't he just tell me that I'm no fucking good
anymore and kick my ass off the team or something, I
dunno. Anyway, to get to a better part of my life, my love
life is kinda starting to go somewhere...but I don't know
if I'm in a direction I want to be heading in. I mean I
like this guy soo soo much...but for the first time since
my whole new attitude of individuality I am actually caring
(to a certain extent) about what other people think about
me...and I hate it. But it's really bothering me because
there's a good chance that i might hook up w/this guy. Oh
well, I don't know, I will write again when I know more
about what I'm going to do.