A Rubic's cube and a Ball of Yarn
2001-09-23 23:38:33 (UTC)

In a nutshell

Well, I decided to try out this new "oh-so-cool" online
diary concept. I'm not doing this cause I have such an
exciting life and all, just I place where I can vent all my
crap of everyday life and maybe look back and read it once
in a while. I'm one of those people that like to
keep "important" conversations or emails. Call me stupid,
but its cool to look back and refer to what people said
back in the day...

So today started off with my dad coming down here from
Baltimore. I havent talked or seen him in about 2 months.
I cant say that I entirely like my dad at all. What can I
say? Hes a greedy asshole. Money. "Money, Kaci, is the way
of life." Fuck you dad. Materials things arent the way of
life. In addition to my dad, my brother Brent, also came
along for the ride. We went to go see the movie "Jeepers
Creepers." Could that movie BE any worse? Heres an example
of how my sister and I differ. She actually liked it! psh.
silly, silly Ronni. After the movie, we met Ronni for
dinner at Outback. It was pretty eventful. I didnt get to
drive cause I'm not on insurance yet. Who knew?

After getting back around 6pm, I'd figure I'd do my
homework. Hey, lets go do Chem! ::10 minutes later..:: Chem
sucks!! Onto Geometry! ::5 minutes later...:: Geometry
sucks!! Onto doing nothing. Why do you think I'm online
making this journal? I'm gonna make a good attempt to study
for Spanish soon, though.

I came online hoping I'd get a hold of Matt. I felt like
talking to him. Paul had an away message about hockey, so I
guess hes out playing right now. He should be playing
tennis...lol. I definitely like talking to Matt better on
the phone sometimes. Ok, I like talking to Matt on the
phone better when I actually have stuff to tell him. When
you talk with someone on the phone and you have nothing to
say its kinda like awkward silence. Thats when the internet
is useful, ha. Tuesday is 2 months! Geez, longest yet kaci,
way to go. I have to say that I like Matt a whole lot. Its
kinda scary, I never really really liked a guy before. We
just go day by day. Its nice. I like our relationship. Its
10 times better cause we were friends before and we have
the same group of friends. Its funny cause it took him like
2 weeks to ask me out, but it was true, good things come to
those who wait. I wonder who I heard that from... hmm...

Homecoming is in a little less than a month. It should be
fun. Even though I ranted on and on about how much
homecoming sucks to Matt. I guess I kinda felt dumb asking
him. Afterall, he is in college. I should thank Molly, she
convinced/bothered me to ask. Once again, it should be fun.
Molly is going with Dan. Dan is friends with Matt(ok, so
hes friends with me too). Katie is most likely going with
Bill. Katie is friends with Me and Molly; Bill is friends
with Molly, Dan, Me and Matt. I like my dress a lot. It was
semi-cheap and its pretty, so I win! Score? Score.

I havent talked to Katie # 2 in a while. I wonder hows shes
doing? And Tim?

I drove the Lexus yesterday!!! I'm moving on up.

Back to studying. Hey, I kinda like this journal. Its nice
to talk about stuff. I'm deciding whether I should give
this journal address to my friends. Or maybe I could just
keep it to myslef for my own shits and giggles..(oh no who
I am starting to sound like, ack!)

Now, back to studying.

See ya!!