Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-02-12 10:36:47 (UTC)

Today was a cool day i suppose...

Today was a cool day i suppose. I had a band rehersal.. we
put together a new set list that was great. And today
Henery told me about this sound engineering course that
he's doing which is gonna get him acess to be able to have
free studio use for the rest of his life.. that means that
our band get's free recoding time.. forever! hooray for
that! that was great news. a dream come true really. Well
today i was feeling somewhat sorehearted. I mean i've
really been mssing gab.. and at times i wonder if she
misses me to.. or if i've just lost her. But yeah well she
told me about a million times that she misses me too.. so
yeah i'm glad she does really. I'm glad i'm not alone cos
i've felt so lonely recently. i miss her like a crazy cat..
more than i can say. a lot of the time my heart hurts.. i
still feel like crying. she wrote me the biggest email
today.. it was mostly full of everyday stuff.. but yeah it
was still a real comfort. cos the same old evceryday stuff
is probably what i miss the most. At the moment i am
listening to 'daphne descends' by the pumpkins. another one
of those drum-macine based tracks from ADORE. Very cool.
Well i will go now.. cya tommorrow.