The land of unknown
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2001-09-23 23:19:29 (UTC)

'Cold, we're so cold. we are...'

chorus to 'Cold' by Static-X. but anywho. on friday and
saturday, i got 2 chances to talk with Kitty. and both
times, it was all good. we had so much friggen fun. and
because i don't know when to quit, i gave little
reminders all weekend to Kitty that i love her. however,
yesterday, i said, 'want to know a secret? I LOVE YOU!!'
and she's like 'why?' THAT was cold. hense the name
of the entry. but i told her all the reasons. then she
dared ask me what's so special about her. i'm like
EVERYTHING! i mean, sure it was kind of cold to ask
why like she did, but i got a chance to tell her how she
makes me feel. unfortunetly, she STILL does not feel
the same at all. but i'm working on it. i pledged myself
to heal her wounds. and to show her love again. or
maybe for the first time. considering her past
relationships. they all ended kinda bitter. i'll make her,
not quite, like people, but at least tollerate them. i don't
know why she has such a hard time accepting the fact
that there can be one person who can love her with out
the intention of hurting her. oh well, that's what i don't
understand. she doesn't understand how i can love her,
cuz she says she can't love anymore. but i will fix that!
and then i wont let some other asshole break her down
again. I WILL PREVAIL!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! oh, sorry.
got caught in the moment for a sec.