.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-09-23 23:19:19 (UTC)


this is sorta in the middle of the times i would normally
jounral, but thats ok, cause i need to get somthing out ive
been thinking about alot today, jeff raum is smart, jeff
raum is a very smart peron someties even though hes a jerk
too,but oh well, my point is, he always made a point of
being honest and up front, i learned a lot from him in that
perspective and now i am always sure to experss my feeligns
even if they suck or its gonna piss someone off, for
example, i DID confront adam about dustins party, cause
thas whack and i DID confess to dan about everything from
that party, so yeah, i guess im sick of all this fake shit,
cough couhg, im thinking of some person right now in my
head, but i wotn say, it just seems liek all he ever does
is bitch about one person or another then acts all budddy
buddy with rainy day pal "x" as soon as he need somting or
they are being nice for a change, what the hell, so as to
not be a hypocrite, i think i will talk to this person
about it, its dumb, and i realized it today when i see the
posts he made on a band's site that he claims he doesnt
like or whatever, it doesnt matter, but some times i feel
like i bite the bullet far too many times compared to the
pussys who neve stand up for shit.

by the way, i didnt go to that party last night at dans we
went to this kid jeff's house with some of his friends, he
is pals with will, thats who i went with, they were realy
nice people, i hope to hang wth them again, i said fuck the
show tonight, again i am completey disgusted with teh
attitude and actions our scene (hard core crews) chose to
display to neighboring kids, now what? you tell me, some
ones in jail, a bunch of kids are in the hospitol and youve
got one more wrecked venue, and ONE band who wont be
playing any shows in jersey for a long while, damn, if they
raped our scene like they did jersey's i'd be done, for
good, with everything, no more show production, its not
worth it when theres no respect.


i think im going to switch over to diary-x.com so yeah.