Fallen Tear Drop

The Feeling Of Emptiness
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2003-02-12 07:59:39 (UTC)

Can't get you off my mind :(

Its been five and a half months,
But it still seems like yesterday.
Nothing will ever be the same again,
Not my heart,feelings,or life.
Since I've lost you, I'm not the same person,
Nor will I ever be again.
You were what I have always wanted,
For so very long now.
I feel so empty inside like theres nothing left,
But I know it will heal in time to come.
You were my second lost,
And it hurt so much more than the first.
Only because I came so much futher with you,
To have you taken away.
I wish my time with you wasn't over,
I need you here with me still.
Just know that I will always love you,
And you will always be in my heart.
I will never forget you,
And I will think of you everyday.
Until we meet agin my precious angel.
Mommy loves you so very much.

In mermory of my baby girl.
Zoie L.X. Ray
Died at 7 months in my womb
Stillborn on August 30,2002
At 10:25am
Weighed 6.9 oz.
Lenght 9 1/2 inches