mY dIaRy....
2001-09-23 23:05:34 (UTC)


It's been long since I don't write, I know. SORRY! N ways
life is good @ least for now, I can't wait 'till
tomorrow!!!!! I tried for the position of prez for the
student council, n e wayz A WHOLE GRADE VOTED FOR ME!!!!
that is sooooooo cool! I'm so happy! but I still don't know
if I won, I hope though.
I just came back from the movies, we saw "two can play
that game" even though we're not gonna tell our parents we
saw that lol I went w/ my sis, I never thought I was gonna
c a movies like that w/ my sister! lol w/ my friends okay
but w/ my sis, weird.
N e wayz now I got tons of hwk to do!!! and I know I have
to do it, I can't not do it, cuz well I want good marks, n
e ways these days I've liked Daniel, I know he would never
like me no one will ever but oh well, I've told all my girl
friends thta I don't like him n e more but I still do,
sssshhhh son't tell! lol, n e ways I'm a litlle drunk, the
phone just rang I know it did even though my sis has it, I
wonder who it is, I wonder if I'll ever channge the way I
look, I'm not saying that I'm not pretty but the thing I
don't got a nice figure, my body is like jennifer's (J Lo)
My hips r too wide, hopefuly someway I can change that,
after all I am only 13 and have a whole life ahead of me.
N e ways I'm gonna go now, I rele rele have to finish my
hwk. I hope I win tomorrow, wish me good luck, lol.
N e ways I hope the right guy come up soon I rele wanna met someone
worth it. G2G, lots of kisses,

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