what's in a fuckin name?
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2003-02-12 06:43:15 (UTC)


that is so going to be one of my songs now!(cause i am
going to move to maine to be in lenni's band, lmao) that
is what i am doing right now, drinking a cup of Starbucks,
reading my journal that i wrote ages 12-13, and wishing i
had someone to love. i would make someone SO very happy!
i don't care if it's long distance, or whatever! yuck yuck
yuck! how do people fall in love so easily!

i got a new kittie! we found it at a gas station! i
brought it home, gave it a bath, and named her Annie! lol
she is beautiful! she is calico, and aww! so cute!she's
been hit by a car, cause she limps a lot! :(

OMG! i just told Denis i wanted to shrink my boobs!! LMAO!
he said "NO, don't do that, it could be the only thing
that makes you famous!!" LOL! he is so funny i am going to
canada to meet him, i have too! boys boys boys*they are

GUESS WHAT? i am geting a manager! a freakin manager!
YES ! finally. and i am making a demo at the Church in my
town, because its free cause they have a sound system!
YAY! i just need a band to play with me. anyone?