what's in a fuckin name?
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2003-02-12 06:07:11 (UTC)

I Screwed up BAD

I think I may have just lost the best friend that I have
ever had! I've known her for almost a year, and we told
each other EVERYTHING! i'm talking everything! i said
something dumb, which i thougt was funny, and she
completely stopped talking to me. it's been two days, and
nothing! My life was perfect, and mostly because of her!
and now i just don't see any point in it! AHHH! why do i
have to be so dumb?

^*^You never said you were perfect
^*^But you always were to me
^*^Loving you was always worth it
^*^Cause You see so much in me
^*^And when I'm down
^*^You're there to lift me
^*^You come around
^*^When I need a friend
^*^And no one loved me like you do
^*^Unconditional and true
^*^You're the shoulder that I've always known
^*^And the hand that says I'm not alone
^*^More than myself,I love you more than life itself

~~~the sad thing about it is all that in that song is SOO
TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I will do without her!
i won't have anyone to talk to anymore!!!!!~~~

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