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2001-09-23 19:47:42 (UTC)

After Saturday night - Sunday is ending idle

After Saturday night when I worked I slept some much.
I know people not only sell books. I have a long database
now. I will contact them later when internet goes to all
school and tell about my homepages.
Sunday is ending and I didn't do many things. Because what
I have done these months is about working.
My friends I dream about I was carrying some of them it
means her needs help.
I have some friends over internet too, and some read my
diary. I did the diary to show some example of how
I'm living in my country and how are my relationship with
friends. I will thank tonight to my friend Moon. She is
a very nice people and does good things. Even she is from
another country and culture is different ; )
kissess to her ;***
Well I'm going out to streets or there isn't story today,
as other Sundays :D