Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-02-12 05:54:18 (UTC)

small fries

ok so tonight I got to see more shoes that light up than I
have ever seen!

I went to a elementary school program that the Kindergarden
class put on. At Villa Rica Primary School. The best part
is that i got to sing with them. I sang "I want it that
way"-from the Backstreet Boys and they sang back up for me.
And they really thought I was a celebrity or something.
They were all so cute and they kept coming and hugging me.
And during the performance I was suposed to give 2 little
girls a kiss but they were so shy they wouldn't do it. But
I did get a huge Valentines card from them. Needless to
say...........I LOVED IT!

And it reminded me about this reaccuring tug at my heart to
work with children so I might do something about it and
become a substitute teacher.

I saw a really beautiful girl at the mall today and like an
idiot I kept walking around trying to find her but like
always she was nowhere to be found...........CRAP!

other than that I have been in the studio(last night I was
in the Conjac Chior), and practicing Ramones songs for our
tribute show. I finished my book on Paul. I think most of
it is bull but some of it might have been put there by th
Beatles for publicity.

Well, i am off to bed night night

cd-Supergrass-Life On Other Planets
movie-Ferris Buelers Day Off
book-Namedropper-Emma Forrest