the magenta files
2003-02-12 05:36:19 (UTC)

different one

i've been going online to early lately. i like to talk to
the people who come on later... the ususal time i come
on... i don't know what i've been doin'.
i've been thinking about sex a lot lately. (don't know
if i should put that, not knowing who reads these and knows
me, oh well)But anyway, everyone thinks about sex whatever
amount anyway, we're programmed to. i think there's some
statistic that rounds to about every 4 minutes for men and
about every 20 for women... but that's averaging, so...
nevermind, then. i just mean i've been thinking about it,
well, differently, as something a little more real. not
that it wasn't real before recently. wouldn't it be nice
if we could play scenes out in black and white? like, my
name is pancho villa and i'm going to the Rydell High Prom
tonight, so i wanna go in black and white, i want it all to
happen in black and white, the dress, the dancing, even the
stupid punch and the funny decorations, because maybe it
isn't enough to remember it in black and white, because,
lovely as the black and white memory is, it would be like a
plastic lie, and wouldn't it be lovely if it all kinda
happened that way in the first place.

well, here's to plastic lies, may you make love in black
and white.

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