2003-02-12 05:17:41 (UTC)

Pictures and Accidents

Yeah, that picture of her is on my dash when I'm
driving...which could cause an accident and I'm more
worried about them being like "cause of death...picture of
some chick covering her temp and gas gauge distracted her
as she ran over a pedestrian, hit another car and then the
ditch." What a tragedy.

But it's so cute! Like whenever I look at it, it makes me
smile...not as much as that smile she gave me last
Thursday but pretty close!

I made a bet with the powers that be...I guess you could
say. When it looked like She wasn't going to be around
and since I hadn't seen Her since Sunday (and wont see Her
tomorrow as I work), I was kinda depressed...but then I
decided that if we didn't talk all week, next week (when
we're going to be hanging out overnight)we would be like
clinging to each other like we were Friday. Like 6 emails
in 3 hours and then we talked nonstop all Friday
night...even AM noticed...

And about that. I feel Soooooooo badly about ignoring her-
well I'm not but supposedly She is when I'm around. I
never noticed before but it's been going on since I
started riding with her. She said that the only lesson
that she actually got anything done in was that one where
I didn't show up. I feel really bad. But I noticed last
Friday, but I was kinda caught up in it...and AM said she
doesn't feel comfortable asking Her about it but I think
I'll bring it up...though how I don't know "hey AM says
that you spend to much time looking at me and talking with
me than teaching her"...I dunno yet but I'll try to work
around it.