Kat Eyes
2001-09-23 22:26:34 (UTC)

i have nothing to do..sept.23,2001

ok,well its officail.i am SO bored.dad and lissa and i
went to best buy because she wanted a digital camera.she
told me that i could get any cds that i wanted.so i got
blink 182,j.lo,no doubt(tragic kingdom,and nelly
furtado.and yesterday i got this cool lil purse thing for
school.it has a cherry on the front and a cd carrier on the
back.now i have new stuff to listen to on the way to
school.well,i guess i should go.i need to do laundry and my
geometry and geography homework.and clean up my roon.(its
still a freakin mess!)and i finally admitted to marie that
i have a crush on grahm and brian.she thought it was
funny.i didn't.and i told her that i danced with david
szabo.she thought that was really funny too.sometimes i
hate her.not really,just when i tell her stuff and she
rolls all over her room holding her side laughing at me.but
i do that to her sometimes too.i talked to kelsey online
last night.i told her the poor excuse for not being able to
go to the dance with me that brian sent to me.this was her
reply."ooooohhh,thats so sad."that made me feel really
great.(not really)i think that i'd be happier with
grahm.i'm actually looking forward to school.thats all for