Alisha's Journal
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2003-02-12 04:24:52 (UTC)

Do i have to?

Hey! It's been awile, oh well. Anyways...I made sectionals
in track! yay. I kinda feel bad about it...but, on the
other hand, not. at. all. Lol. Hmm...ya know, even though
this is an online journal, i'm still kinda nervous as to
what to say,c ause i know anyone can read it. I dunno....oh
I went to pizza hut with my friends today, it was fun, but
i couldn't stop thinking about college, and not being able
to just spontaneously hang out with all of them anymore, it
was kinda depressing. I dunno. I'm not incredibly lcose to
any of them anymore, not even my "best friend"...but,
they're still my life. If that makes any sense.
Its really late, i should probably go to bed. Nah. It's
already late, why go to bed? lol. Anyways, Night everyone,
don't forget to smile! (yes, even if your in the worst mood
ever! It helps, i promise...) Well...nights!

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