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2003-02-12 03:57:36 (UTC)

No one has a date for Valentine's Day

Whaaaatttt's upppp?? So Valentine’s Day looks
like its pretty much going to be shitty this year, for
everyone. No one really has a date, no one has anything
special planned, nothing. I will probably bring some
roses for my good girl-friends, since I don't have a
girlfriend. So if they don't get anything from anyone,
then at least they get something from me. Last year I was
dating a girl named Liz at this time, and she hadn't ever
had too much of a REAL boyfriend, and we had dated a
couple times before this, so I figured I would do
something real nice so she can say a guy has done
something good for her. So while she was at school I
drove out to her house, and took a bag of rose peddles and
sprinkled them from her door all the way to her bed, so
when she first walks in that she sees it and she goes to
her bed and sees that I left a dozen roses on her bed and
some chocolate covered cherries (that was her favorite)
with a note that said some sweet things. Well she called
me crying, saying that was so sweet. I ended up dumping
the bitch a week later just because she was ... well a
bitch. But we're cool now. Which reminds me about
another point why I don't really date anymore. If you
haven’t noticed, almost every girl I have dated has
screwed me over one way or another, and it's not like I'm
bad to them. I am real good with girls. But I just seem
to get screwed over, so I figure it's not worth it.

Speaking of girls... the black haired girl is
dating someone. But... I can fix that. I know it sounds
conceded, but if she would be interested in me at all, I
can win her over, plus one of my friends wants me to get
them to brake up cause she is good friends with the guy.
But they have only been dating for a couple of days. And
I was talking to someone, I decided that next time I see
her, I’m going to go up to her, introduce my self and tell
her I just thought I would tell her that I have seen her
around, and I think she's sexy, and she said that it's a
good idea to do. If anyone reads this and thinks it's a
bad idea, tell me. But I’m not going to do it as a cheesy
pick up line; it's going to be the truth. But if I wait,
then I will feel bad if I make them brake up, cause I’m
not going to date her, but now it's only been a couple of
days, so I’m safe.

So this whole school work shit sucks hardcore. I
was supposed to do SOO much, but I keep forgetting, and I
mean to do it, but I forget to bring it home. The only
thing I have been working on is that video, which I did
end up getting to work, and found out what happened. And
the video so far is real nice, and I have to finish it

I have something to look forward to in the
future. Now we ALL know the Simpsons are just the
tightest show, BY far, and the only cartoon worth
watching, and at the nursing home with Grandpa Simpson,
there was a guy that was stealing all the girls, and he
was the pimp of the place. Well His name was... none
other than Zack. Coincidence? I think not! That is SOO
going to be me in about 65 years.

Yeah, so my best friend was real pissed today for
some reason. He learned that his ex is dating one of his
enemies, but he got all pissed at me when I was trying to
show him the reasoning. He was getting mad at the guy and
not his X. Well they aren't really enemies, but I mean if
some random guy started dating one of my ex's and started
fucking him, I would be mad at her, not him. I have dated
a lot of people's X's b 4, not against them, but just for
the girl. So he was all mad cause he thought I was taking
the other guys side, but I don't really even know the
other guy, I was just giving him the reality. He wants to
seem real bad sometimes by always trying to get into
fights with people, because regardless who he gets in a
fight with, he always has his older bigger friends waiting
to beat the living hell out of them. So I mean he knows
he's got the back up, but I think it's ridiculous to start
a fight to show something. I know it's a guy thing to try
to look bad and all, but I couldn't care less to tell you
the truth. I always avoid confrontation when I’m able to,
just because it's stupid to start fights if you don't need
to. But if someone talks shit, then I’m down to fight. I
think it is real superficial to try to I guess u can say
impress someone by always trying to start a fight so u
feels all bad. I don't mean this towards anyone what so
ever, just telling what I think when people can be so
superficial and not know it. I grantee 90% of the people
at my school are. I'm sure I am to a point, but
popularity has never bothered me one way or another. I
mean I guess I have always been around it, all my friends
have always been popular, but I just don't think about it
that way. But oh well.

Man my forearms are killing me, and I couldn't
figure out why until now. NO it's not from whacking off,
I gave at least 8 people massages today. Everyone always
asks me to give them one. But I don't mind, I gotta thing
for pleasuring girls. Well I’m out, peace
Song of the Day: In Da Club by 50 cent
Tip of the Day: You only live once, do things without
thinking, and live to the fullest, but be somewhat safe.
I live by this...