Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-09-23 21:09:37 (UTC)


Today is the last day of the fair, which I am kind of glad
about, cuz I've been putting up with a lot of shit, and it
takes up A LOT of time, but it will also be kind of sad,
cuz it can be really fun. (Like creating "radio codes" for
hot guys!) I've gotten to know most of the new cadets now,
and a lot of them are pretty cool (I worked with Mary and
Jessica K. today, and they're both a lot of fun... and then
there are other cadets, like Laney, who has an incredibly
loud voice, and will say things like "Look at that carnie!
He doesn't have any teeth." or "That woman is waaay too fat
to be wearing that", right as we walk past them.) Plus the
fact that the fair is probably the best weight loss program
I know... in the past three days, I've lost 10 pounds, just
from working the fair.