hello kitty cat
2003-02-12 03:33:06 (UTC)


Today was a LONG day. I woke up at like....8:45..and went
to a job interview. I'm pretty damn sure I got the job...I
ran errands all day...met up with Sam for my
cat....just got everything I've been putting off done. I
hung out with Joselin all night...we went out to
dinner...she helped me unpack my shit...hopefully I'll meet
up with Mike later tonight. It was weird cause this morning
at like 9:15 Victor called me..and was like "hey I had a
feeling you were up---wanna come over and chill?"...and
it's like...whta the fuck?! did he knwo I was
awake? He knows I sleep till like 2....I just thought that
was strange. I almost have all my shit's nice
to finally have a place. It's not my idea of perfect, or
even close to it..but it's only temporary. I'll tell you
though, the last few days I've been in the best mood..for
no apparent reason...! Well...I guess that's it for now....