molly the undead

you THINK you know...and you probably do
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2003-02-12 03:20:10 (UTC)


Piezanos got shut down last saturday...this sucks. That's
the 3rd local venue shut down in 6 months. Jodie and i are
gonna arrange a meeting with PRS Guitars to discuss them
sponsoring a venue at the elk's lodge or something. I'm not
gonna drive 243094 hours to the 9:30 club when i feel like
going to a show.
According to, i will only have sex once in my
life with a girl.
Yep, that's pretty awful.

Anyways, my dad picked me up to go out to dinner and i saw
this crazy, black homeless man. He shook this plastic bag
in some business guy's face, and goes: "BUY MY DRUGS,
In his crazy, black, homeless man voice.


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