My Reality
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2003-02-12 02:59:51 (UTC)

happy? sad? who the hell knows

Ok so lets start off with the bad shit and just get it out
of the way...after all the back and forth and back andforth
i hear from josh and guess what, i dont get a hey ive
missed you or a hey how are things with you, i get god i
want to fuck you, i want to see you naked, talk dirty to
me...i love the kid to death i really do and would love to
be with him but is he fucking stupid sometimes, i mean
really how insensitive can you be, listen i dont want to
date you and i cant be with you but id sure love to fuck
you...yeah that sounds like a great offer let me jump on
it, god he is a great guy and iw ould never say anything
bad about him but jesus man get a clue, you have my heart
in your hands and you basically just made a fist....realize
that someone loves you and cares about you before you say
and do some stupid shit like that
ok now the good stuff, yeah thats right im dating, actually
im dating a really great guy who makes me really happy, he
doesnt make me feel like i am being used he doesnt make me
feel bad for asking for his time and guess what, he makes
time for me...he drives dman near two hours to come see me,
and treats me with respect...i was trying not to get
involved with steve bc i thought i wasnt ready for it, but
fuck it im not going to be dating josh and surprisingly
enough, i really realy really like him...he makes me laugh
he treats me well is very very sweet and romantic and makes
me giddy to see him, its been so long since ive smiled this
ahrd about a guy so i think its a good sign that i should
try and just go for it...i wouldnt mind being steve's gf,
actually i hope things go that way, i cant imagine not
being happy with him...hes just a great guy and any girl
that could get a hold of him would be damn lucky, thats all
i have to say!!!!
oh yeah and can i add, if i wouldnt feel like a complete
whore, i would love to just pounce on him and go at it for
a good long while!!!...maybe im just horny for lack of sex,
or maybe i do just like him that much, either way the
feeling is always the back of my mind, i think
god do you think he would mind if i just stiped him and
took advantage of wait until valentines
day, if you are seeing someone its not such a crappy
holiday after all