2003-02-12 02:46:19 (UTC)

What should i do?

I met a really awsome guy. I got a new best friend. My life
was perfect. i never told my friend my fellings on this one
guy that made my world spin faster and faster everytime i
was with him. Then i later found out that she was in to him
and she liked him and she wanted to get with him. So i
never told her how i felt. And this special guy knows how i
feel and he feels the same. But i can't do that to my best
friend. I don't no what to do. She has been there for me
every step i took. But i no if i don't tell her she will
never no and i will never no if i ever had a chance or not.
I no this is a really messed up to say but i don't no what
else to say i can;t hide the feelings i have. So what
should i do?
~little changes