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2003-02-12 01:32:11 (UTC)


It was rainy today. I usually don't like the rain all that
much, but today it was nice. I got a ride to school, that
made me happy. Then it was off to first period in
wonderful P.E.!! I HAVE A.D.D.! I HAVE A.D.D.! anyway...
We read out of our dumb old textbooks about how to stay in
shape. It was the biggest load of crap ever. "Eat healthy
and be happy!" SHUT UP! AHHHH.... so yea, then I had fun
English with the ravishing Mr. Adair!! Alana is so mean to
me. She always makes fun of me because I'm his victim...
I'm going to bite her. So yea... then I had lunch... and I
was being a wozzeck, and I didn't bring a lunch. I stole
some food from Erik, and then me and Juli had to work on
our MIDI recording thingy. We're singing Little Mermaid,
and then playing it on the piano and recording it and
stuff. WEE!!! OBTUSE TRIANGLES! ANYWAY..... I had history,
all we did was take notes, so that was easy. Then I had to
go to CoSA... BLACKA. All we did was listen to Doc Ham
talk for a million years, then we watched Norma, and then
we got to do Ensembles. And now I'm home, doing some fun
math homework.... ahhh I have no life... all I talk about
is school... I should get a life someday soon... I wonder
where you can find them. BYE! love, Miss Asexual

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