my diary said it didn't want a name
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2003-02-12 00:30:33 (UTC)

found something to say.

since saturday, my life has completely changed...

maybe a tiny exaggeration there, but my thoughts and my way
of thinking them have definitely taken a good kick to the
nuts. and it is because of this, i am feeling less alone
the more i breathe.

i found someone with the same mind as me

then i found someone with a passion for music that may
infact rival my own.

actually got a feeling he/she/it might even have a greater
passion for music than myself - something i was always too
self obsessed to contemplate.

but the point is: there ARE people on my planet, i just had
to find those pesky wabbits.

single since saturday,
then my career climbs out of my head, clawing its way
through my mouth into the ears of people who started out as

i took those fuckers to MY world, and they loved every
fucking second of it - the shlags.

now they're my whores, and i didn't even have to pay.

just waiting for the post relationship blues to start

i got tha blueeeees
i got the "im not sure when im going to start missing her
but i know i will start to miss her bluuuuues"