Electric monkey
2001-09-23 19:32:32 (UTC)

9-23-01 [Sundays, woo..]

im sitting here, on this lovely sunday. alone in the house.
i havent been outside yet to know what the weather is like.
and its almost 2:15 in the afternoon. yeah. earlier i
watched some more of Girl Interrupted, cause last night i
feel asleep during it at the beginning and woke up when it
was near the end. im still not done watching it yet. i
can't sit still long enough and focus on it. ill probably
finish it sometime today. i dont have any homework to think
about, thats nice.
i got this weird thing in the mail today. it says
that "because of my recent musical achievments that i am
invited torepresent the US as a competitive member of the
2002.....etc.." umm... yeah. what musical achievments are
they talking about? lemme see.... im not in orchastra
anymore, so i havnt won any awards recently for that... and
guitar? uh, no.. jessica and i played infront of a couple
ppl the other day, haha....... that would be so funny if
jessica and i were in some big compitition with our lil
songs... we'd sing our song called anorexia nervosa. [aka
yeah, anyway... im sure we'd get far with that one.
hrm =|
what else.
i dunno.. my parents on on the way home now..
food is coming.