The diary of Mari
2001-09-23 19:12:50 (UTC)

Cousins, family and celebrities :)

Hi Diary and people reading it...
Today we had one of our regular family visits. Its each
sunday and we are not the only one who gots it at home. My
aunt and her family has it one sunday and my grandparents
had it one sunday...

Today we had it and they showed up at 18:30 PM. My cousins
are Bjarte (9), Geir (14) and Henrik (17). All the "kids"
went out in the garden and jumped on our trampoline. I dont
have any sisters or brother living at home, but i got a
sister living in Bergen, Norway. She is 22 years old. I
also got a stepsister, Kristine. She is 15 and lives in a
place called Heroysund, thats not far away. She goes to the
same school as me and i often hang with her.

Guess you realized that my parents are divorced, they
gotten divorced when i was 7 years old. I live with my
father 3 days a week and my mother 4 days. My father dont
live far away. He is single but my mother is living
together with a guy named Per Steiner. I am not wery fond
of him.

I just took a shower and luckily my autographes on my arm
didnt go away. I gotten them from some celebrities that was
visiting at friday! They was in the Norwegian Big Brother
(a reality show).

I also talked to Elina. We are going to start school at
8:00 AM tomorrow. We normally start at 9:45 AM. But if you
start at eight every morning in a week, we can go three
hours earlier on friday. So it will be terrible waking up
early but...

I dont have anything else to write. But just gotta say that
i am looking forward to getting my story and my test back
at school. We get grades from 1-6. 1 is bad and 6 is good.
You can also get 1- and 6 . I have gotten so far one 5 and
two 6's. So read tomorrow and i might gotten another one :)

Love, Mari