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2003-02-11 22:49:35 (UTC)

Damn Insurance Companies

I'm pissed!! I'm paying for medical coverage that won't
cover what I need it to cover for a year!! So I'm
basically stuck and paying for it myself and it costs me
about $150 that I don't have.

Secondly, I just read the WHOLE BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD
MANUAL and it constantly contradicts itself and it the
most confusing document that I've ever seen.

Look, if you're sick, you should be able to go to a doctor
to get better. I understand paying the doctor for his time
and expertise, but it's way to excessive right now. Let's
do without the insurance companies because they are money
hungry assholes who do nothing for you!!! I just want to
be able to keep the medication that I have. That's it. How
difficult is that?