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2003-02-11 22:37:31 (UTC)

hmmm today...was good i guess

well today i had to go to is ok....i
didnt get much sleep last night...i have alot on my mine i
guess....and i fell asleep in 3 classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and
in english i was yelled at by a nun and told that i need to
learn how to speak proper
english...........................i wanted to say somethign
back but i cant disrespect my elders!!!!!! so i was
good.....we are going to start readin romeo and juilet
soon...i hate that book it makes me mad!!!!!!!! lol its a
good book but i cant read it or think about it with out
getting i can explain why but it
does......well i dont know what else to say...omg my friend
bridget has a minor concussion!!!!!!!!!!! and she still
laughs that she did that to her self cause she cant believe
she did that(it was a spazzy move) would be a funny
story if she wasnt hurt...she isnt allowed to
sleep!!!!!!!!!! which sucks totally....i have a half day
tomorrow..but it is report card day!!!!! i hope i didnt
fail anything....or my mom will kill me...well i ahev no
school on friday...and next week i am going to see my
baby!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait we are going to have such a
good time!!!!!!! i am cant wait i am so excited!!!!!!! well
i have to go do homework...bye bye

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