my life
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2003-02-11 22:25:25 (UTC)


I HATE COMPUTERS!!! i just wrote this whole long entry and
it kicks me off AAAAHHHHHHH..ok dont have time now long
story short. i sold and moved the horse this past
weekend..real sad. my dog is still mean to me sometimes. i
trust more freshman than my other friends anymore. theyre
the few that can cheer me up when im having a bad day and
do stuff i ask without thinking im stupid and crap like
that. im just gettin tired of peoples shit..like oh lets be
friends this week and argue next week..ahh thats soo
freaking annoying just get over it. its just what ive
noticed about a lot of people but anyways. theres a lot of
stuff i wanna put in here but i cant oh well. i like
someone new now and we'll just see where that goes. who
knows it might end up differently than how the others do:)
well i gotta go.