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2003-02-11 21:50:28 (UTC)

Bad day

I had a whole day planned that I thought was going to be
good but I never thought so many things could go wrong in
one day. I wake up today at 6:45 and realize I have to get
up immediately to go to school because im going to be late
which fucking sucked because I at least like to wake up
look at my clock and say ok sweet I got 20mins left to lay
here and do nothing. So I jump out of bed get dressed and I
cant find my moms car keys so now I have to go on a 5min
search to look for her god damn keys. And since it just had
to fucking snow yesterday the road was slippery as hell and
my mom is driving so god damn slow. But I dont say anything
cause my homeroom teacher never marks me late.

So anyway I get into school and im late and I walk into my
homeroom haven't even had a chance to sit down and my
homeroom teacher calls me over...And of course he marks me
late! fucking teachers I kill you. And then I get a pass to
go to the nurses office at 8:35 right during my fucking
woodworking period couldnt of been any other time! And I
wanted to go to woodworking today to work on my
project...So I ask a friend and he says it only takes like
5mins. And the fucking bitch ends up taking 30mins so my
whole period got wasted. The rest of the day went by ok
cause I was looking forward to getting my permit right
after school (ya im 16 and i live in THE WORST FUCKING
STATE IN THE COUNTRY NEW JERSEY) so I get all the way to
8th period without anything to bad happening and I find out
its "Physical fitness day" YAY!! how could you not want to
be around for that? I ended up running a fucking mile
around the gym and I felt like I was gonna fucking pass out
from jumping rope.

So I get home I wasnt to upset with my day and my dad takes
me to get my permet at the DMV...and we drive all the way
out there wait in line and the lady says "Sorry we cant
give permets to anyone under 16 and a HALF" this is just
fucking retarted what do they think im going to mature
dramatically in 6months?? jesus christ fucking worn out
cunt dmv lady wont cut me a break...but no I have to live
in new jersey the state that doesnt let you drive until
half your life is over...jesus christ and than i get home
from the dmv to find I have a virus YAY!!! MORE FUN cant
wait to see what else is going to happen today....

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