random mumblings
2003-02-11 21:46:44 (UTC)

it's a beautiful day?

so today was finally a good day (and if you browse through
the titles of my diary entries, you will be able to tell
these are few and far between) :) first of all, i got
sick benefits from the government, which will pay me about
$4050 - tax is about $3600, and i owe my parents about
$3500 for my loans and credit cards, etc. so i'll
basically be $100 above water. plus i filled out my
income tax and i'm getting about $900 back in a couple of
weeks so i'll be way ahead which is fantastic. and i went
to my counsellor this morning and we had some good debates
about the existence of god and his role in our every day
lives (i was gonna give the example of that simpson's
episode where lisa makes a civilization by accident and
they think she's god, but she had never seen "tron" so i
figured she didn't watch the simpson's). she wanted me to
try and be content. that's not too bad, i can try and be
content ;) l8r