The void
2003-02-11 21:42:04 (UTC)

la la la la

aarrggghhh there's so many things i wanna do tonight! i
want to stay online and talk to maz, watch tv, straighten
my hair, sort out my room,read, listen to music. i aint
multitalented like that!
just told maz i don't cyber. waiting for a reply...
oh thank god! she aint botherd! phew!
so...hmmm...dave doesn't seem to pleased that iv'e got a's nothin to do with him anyway. i only bother
to talk to people about it if they are pleased for me. like
real mates should be. oh my god dave thinks willow from
buffy is horrid looking! he must be blind! yer...must be to
have been out with me!:p
must go and do my hair soon actually i'll do it now. hang
on a sec.

there nice and dry. looks pants though!ahhh i'm going bye!