Ugly on the inside
2001-09-23 18:18:16 (UTC)

falling channel Liadro

I don't know...
i have the feeling my mom is about to fall down the stairs
trying to bring her laundry down. I "should" help her but
i'm not going to. i'm tired of her and that fucking
disease. I shouldn't have to go through that... no one
should. it's virtually impossible to live with two sick
parents. no it is impossible. My dad is home... yippie!
not... i just hope he's in a good mood cuz then everything
is alright. I also hope he's not drunk either. football was
today and i'm kinda doubting things will go my way.
I eventually did my history essay this morning. I was so
lost yesterday so i figured i'd just wing it... i hope it's
not complete crap.
i haven't talked to anyone lately. mainly because they all
piss me off and i'm on a short fuse. cody and tim are
friends again and i feel like i got pulled into the middle
even further than i was before. rawr. like i said... things
aren't supposed to go my way. when they do, i have to
wonder why.
i'm getting distracted extremely easily right now. oi...
and there is slaming of shit downstairs. i think that's my
time to exit.
i'm gonna go in my room and listen to some Life Of Agony.
nice happy music! yes! haha...

"if you don't walk with me, then i will walk alone."-LOA

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