No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-02-11 20:35:08 (UTC)

Eventuful day at only 3:30

Hey! I have a rather eventful day.
I brought the Colorguard Trophy today. Woo hoo! I
remembered! lol.
First thing in the morning, we had the Florida Writes. This
year we used the word placenta in it. I put it in. Go me! I
had the topic: Should students have to maintain good grades
to be able to play sports or be in clubs? Choose your side
and persuade ohers to agree with you. I choose that
students should have to have good grades. I compared it to
a reward system, clubs and sports are an award for doing
well. In one paragraph I was saying how teens aremore than
willing to work for money, so why not work for sports. I
put something along the lines of teens hang to obey their
employers every demand, even if these demands seem as
foreign as a placenta. Hell yeah. lol. The test wasn't too
The rest of the day we jsut kinda chilled.
I talked to 1SG about the whole Colorguard thing Friday. We
tried to come up with ways to do both things, me do
Colorguard and chill with Terry, and we came up with
nothing. So, he asked me who could do it and I told him
Krista could cuz she I going anyways. I asked her and she
said yes and 1SG okayed it. So, I am off the hookfor that.
1SG thought I wasn't going back to Drill and ROTC. I told
him I am and he said he wants me to be at least be a Squad
Commader for Drill and possibly a Platoon Commander.
Awesome! Yeah and stuff. That'd be cool.
Trish tried getting all in my buisness and I told her to
quit and that I am a big girl and can handle my own
personal matters and to stop being dumb.
That's it. Later.