AJ Krause

A Splash Of Class
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2003-02-11 20:21:33 (UTC)

Death to stats

Well stats officially can suck my cock. its not even that
hard of material or anything, its just a residual fear of
numbers that makes learning math related concepts somewhat
difficult. crappy.

nways in other news, life is well. i have the biggest thing
for Jay Adamson from 4 mac. He's just soo good looking, i
don't think i've ever seen another man on his level. his
body, his voice. oh god. just sexy, plain and simple sexy

I went to a native workshop last week, so interesting. Very
interesting thing called smudging with sweet grass. native
culture is really cool and so just positive.

i may be running for VP finance and admin, scared to do as
such with me and numbers. anyways thats life at the moment.


sorry i don't feel like writting.

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