abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-09-23 17:26:57 (UTC)

i want to move out.

i want to move out.
so then i wont need to shout.

i want to slit my wrists.
and get away from these twists. (ha. ha.)

...........ha, i'm listengin to goodcharlotte now, and my
mom is takign me to the store...

-G.G.'s nuts (on here)-

jills a retard... shes walking aroudn wearign sars
jacket... what a fuck haha..... hey you knwo retart with a
t at the end is even worse cuz your retarded and your a tart

i guess?

hey i wnat soemthign to happen so i wont get paid so much
attention! like, uhhh if my parenst decided to nto work
together anymore and had to each work ful time... hell
yeah... at night! they'd work at ngiht! haha they'd leave
at 4 everynight and nto egt pack til 3 in the mornign...
hell yeah.......and i wnana move downtown so i dont need a
ride anywhere, suttin liek that

i want to write on here about people... btu then it'll be
liek, a message board liek oh thats how abby feels about me
and i dotn wnat that... i dotn wnat to be liek that g.g.
girl all talkign to ppl through here and sayign ohh shake i
love you

no....... i doubt i will do that, btu yuo never know

okay i needa go find my money... -hey mom owes me 10
dollars- and then w/e

i'm gonna go be myself... by myself

hey thats a good line.

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