A Hippie's Thoughts......
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2001-09-23 17:26:47 (UTC)

aLL i eVer DO iS Clean!


So Its Me, Jane again! Its sunny here 2day! Im going 2 play
some tennis 2day @ ALBrown..cuz I have lessons @ 4! But
from now until 4 im SUPPOSED 2 be cleaning my room..even
tho its like almost SPOTLESS! I want my parentals 2 go buy
me some screens 4 my windows! I dont know why..i juSt Do!
My sister's gone 2 Work..so i think 2day will be good :-D

Right now im on AIM talking 2 Brent (weirdo)! Haha jk! I
think im bugginG him! He DoeSnt seEm 2 HapPy! LoL! Im abOUt
2 caLL GLenn Or Mandy! Maybe Green..I Think She's still
grounded though!

*Hey Brian*..I Thought he might want that shoutout cuz Last
night I felt bad when he said "I Really like the way you
didnt mention me ne where in ur diary thing"! So i decided
to put him in here!

Ok Well I Think im going 2 Goooooooo! So..God Bless~


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