she screams.

monopolize my oxygen
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2001-09-23 17:17:49 (UTC)


the horizon is pink as i wake up to the early morning
frost that covers the ground like sheets of ice. thoughts
of you dangle from the tips of stars and twist amongst
each other to form dreams. sometimes we don't understand
what love is, and sometimes i do and sometimes you do too.
and that makes everything okay. i want to colour a
perfect|flawless picture with crayons and draw your soul
deep in the pages of rainbowed apostrophes. i bury your
voice in the back of my mind and go back to learning
instrumental equations until the bell rings. your words
leave me barely conscious and spinning in something that i
can't touch. you're 'there' and i'm 'here' and that seems
like worlds away. one day your oxygen will be mine and
we'll live in a castle in this monochrome blue sky of lies
and pleas. quarter past midnight and your silence wakes me
from my sleep, echoing behind the walls of candy-coated
innocence. you're my faint distraction in this pretty
mess that doesn't really exist anymore. and that's why i'm
trying to tell you how you make me feel but finding no
words to lose myself in. i love this.