abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-09-23 17:00:47 (UTC)

i'm sooooo bored

i'm so bored. i got dressed and all fo that and now i'm
just sitting around deciding what to do today... talkin to
matt :)

...haven't heard from ed yet

i'm listening to the kind of music that makes you think of
someone special but it sucks cuz i'm ALONE and *sigh* i'm
gettign kind of dead... dead, for those of you who dont
knwo i use that word all the time means when (of course)
i'm alive but i'm not really living... you cant really feel
anythign, your sort of numb...... its like that girl in
aerosmiths jaded video (if any of you have actually gotten
the point) where shes in her own FAKE world and she can get
everything she wants btu she still isn't happy so when
asked what she wanst most in the world she says "to feel"
and then she finally does and he first sign of emotion is a
tear....... when your dead you dont cry.

i'm only happy when i'm with my friends. the rest of the
time is pure shit...

i think i want to meditate or soemthing.... i'm tired but i
dotn wnat to take a nap so i'm thinkign i might do that, or
just sit, alione, with my eyes closed and all of that.....i
dono, whatever

i hate this font.......... i need a life