Life in PingPong's Day
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2001-09-23 16:49:20 (UTC)


Well later today bookstore! :D
I got up at 6am but just thought about things then i got up
at 7am. Ate,talked to snowy and watched tv.
My sister was up weird for her to do..I told her that she
wouldn't be able to wake up tomorrow because of this.then
boring time came..i wanted to take a nap but I couldn't,my
sister started complaing that she needed something to eat
so me and my dad went to get her some food. I went so i
wouldn't be so bored.
we ordered her stuff when we were about to turn the truck
hit the the wall,no not bad for the wall but bad for the
truck,this is the 2nd thing we hit with this truck. The
other thing was the people who live across from us,but they
don't know and they stold are old trashcan from us so it
was pay back.

Tomorrow i'm might not go to school since gotta go for my

"You might crave some private time. You could be processing
a lot of intense emotions. Maybe you are experiencing some
challenges in your personal life. Or perhaps you are simply
trying to figure out what you really want out of your
career. You could feel a little confused as you sort
through different emotions. This is not only hard on you,
but on the people around you. Everyone will benefit if you
let your loved ones know that you need some space for
meditation and reflection"
hmm..this one isn't true to me today. Maybe tomorrows does
for me..
"Mon Sep. 24, 2001
You can expect a challenging day ahead of you, Aries. Your
emotions could be at odds with your actions. It could be
easy to let temper cause you to say things that you'll
later regret. Don't let the little things get to you. Count
to ten before you react. You might want to avoid caffeine
and try to pace your day so you get some breaks between
meetings or tasks. At the end of the day, try a grounding
walk or workout to balance yourself. Then take a hot
relaxing bath, and watch an entertaining movie." Well I'll
find out if it is or not.
Since it's still moring theres still more to come into the
day.Oh It did rain :D Lots! so i'm happy about that,and
theres a cold front moving in!Highs in 80's lows 50's!


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