REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-11 18:26:25 (UTC)

hurt my back

Last night i was on the phone with Sha workin on my bubble
lab .I was really in the mood to do it so i worked on it
for like 2 hours lol. Wel it came out really good. When i
was done i got up and i was sooo stiff. i pushed myself t
stretch and i went to crack my back and i couldnt move i
just forze. I pulleda muscle in my back. It hurt sooo bad.
Its a lil better today, and im still gonna go to
basketball practice after school. So im gonna leave
around...235 from my house, so i can be there when the
bell rings. Omg its ognna hurt like hell, but im gonna
play. Im like my dad, if hes hurt or w/e ntohing will stop
him to do wat he wants to do. He says he wont stop for any
kind of pain, the only thing that kan stop him is death.
My dads crazee lol, hes awsome thoug i love my daddy:-D.
Tomarrow i wont be in school because i have a religious
holiday. Ill be there for basketball rpactice, my dad
already talked to mr lineberry sayin that i cant come to
school todayor tomarrow but i will be there for basketball
practice, and mr lineberry said that was fine. LOL, my dad
had some bonding time on the phone with mr lineberry for
like 15 mins. Mr lineberry kept talkin! he was like so
hows your wife and all of your children, he was like
interviewing my dad. haha my dads like it sounded like he
was taking my life bio! haha it was soo funny though.
ouch...my back! it hurts! its 1:15! i took a shower cause
i was bored! lol just thuoght you would like to know. Im
so bored. Today is one of those days that you wish you
went to school. I cant wait tomarrow! my holiday is called
Eid. If anyone celebrates Eid then Eid Mubarak (thats like
saying merry christmas).alot of people stayed home from
shcool today! i was talking online to them! lol. OMG my
brother is such a lucky biotch. Hes 25 and he works full
time but thats not why hes lucky) he goes on buisness
trips like alla roudn the world! hes been to china japan
tokyo germany france australia and other places soon to
come! this week hes in florida! and its 89 degrees there!
but thats not the lucky part yet! well it might be for
you, but not for me. He rented are car (ok heres the good
part) A YELLOW MUSTANG GT CONVERTABLE!!!!!!!!! omgggggg i
wish i had that car. ON TOP OF THE MUSTANG! HE GETS TO GO
osooooo friggen lucky! ID KILL FOR THAT! lol wowa...over
obsessive you gys might thinkl. I know i am obsessed with
the mets! but i dont kare what anyone thnks thats just teh
way i am. Wow this entery is pretty long! i got into the
mood of writing an entry!

anyway i was watching the maury show! and there was this
one girl who was amde fun of in school cause of her curly
hair. Shw was called names like mop head and brillo pad
lol. Well when they said about there curly hair i was like
omg how bad could it be! and then she came out.......oo
you know how if you have curls and you brush through them
how it becomes fluffy and poofy? hers was naturally like
that! and she looked like a phyco! i felt so bad, but at
the time i was lmao! hahaha omg im so mean. SORRY GIRL
WITH THE FRO any way, shes like maury all i want is to get
my hair straightend...shes like i tried all these
straightners and they never work! and maury gave ehr a
makeover and when she came back out, it was like
whoa...she was a totally different person! and her and her
mom were like crying...so touching...:::tear::: lol! Then
i came online and i talked to ryan king, and kristen laux
and this kid i dont think any of you know cause he lives
in holmdel (hes moving). I tlakd to them all morning..or
afternoon, w/e doesnt really matter. My dad went out and
he bought me some lunch from mcdonalds! i had a
cheeseburger and an apple pie! (im soo fat help me lose
weight!...and im soo dead serious about that....)

I thnk im fat...everyone says i have a self image problem
but i dont. Im really fat ok!?. I have a huge stomach! its
like a bludge!:'( and i cant get rid of it. i do like 115
sit ups every night and ive been doing it for like 2
months and nothing is happening!that and basketball it
shoul have been gone or atleast a little bit of m flubber
should have gone away! it suxxsss...im gonna go..now i
just pissed myself off cause i reminded my self about how
fat i am!

fatty (lol)