Procrastination is Key
2003-02-11 18:04:47 (UTC)

tests suck

well I took my chem and physics tests on friday- they were
difficult. The chem test, which I decided to just stop
studying for and use as my one drop....yeah I got a higher
grade on it than my physics test, which of course I cant
drop. I am such a moron b/c we got to have a notecard for
physics to write down eqns or whatever we wanted, well, I
definitely wrote down an equation wrong at it cost me at
least 5 points. I am so pissed- I could have gotten the
average at least and gotten a B- instead of a C- :-/
With the chemistry test I guess I just got lucky, (of
course the grade still sucked, it was just better in
comparison) I felt that the partial credit was extremely
generous and there were like 4 "guess the right answers"
and I got them all right, so that helped. Anyway, I know
how I can improve organic b/c mostly its just memorization
anyway and so I'll just stay on top of it each day after
lecture instead of trying to cram 50 reactions into my head
in a matter of 2 or 3 days- a feat which i have deemed
impossible, at least for me. But physics? that shit just
sucks, as much as I hated physics last semester, now it
seems so wonderful in comparison.
So anyway, i have about 3 weeks before I have to go through
that torture again- on a bright note though- that is the
same amount of time til spring break- yay!
Friday is valentines day, which I am sure everyone is
aware. Going home for the first time since I came back for
this semester. Michael and I are going to a dance which is
being held as a fundraiser for Relay for Life. Hoping to
have fun, get to dress up and everything which will be
exciting, but I have to do everything myself which means I
will probably end up looking like my boring old self,
except with a dress on...
Anyway, about time for me to go to lunch and class then I
am taking a shopping trip! yay for paychecks:-)