2001-09-23 16:20:41 (UTC)

A day orf

Sheese, my bro kept disturbing me. The tv is showing Crime
Watch I think. He kept telling me how stupid that girl is.
being conned and raped by a foreign bangalah. alrite, so
I'm quite interested myself hehe, kept turning my head to
catch a glimpse. and i just pissed dolphin off in the icq.
Ok, maybe i'm alittle bit off tonite, but she doesn't have
to pass some snobbish comments. told me about she being
shortlisted for CNBC interview among 5-cm thick resumes. so
i asked what CNBC stands for(my guess is a news corp but
i'm not sure). and she makes me sounds like some primitive
caveman before those homo-sapiens...

so i retaliate by saying "ok ok so you are de great noe-it-
all" there, she goes, P-Fed, saying i'm sacastic. hehe.
yeah of cuz i am! i need to bring her down back to earth.

at least she made an effort to reconcile. fine. then came
the worse part...why must she always stir up my memory of
the past? okay, yeah, I'm too sensitive. can't blame her.

Okay. see, no time to write down how i spend my day off.
gotta book in...70 days more and counting...and it's
getting more and more miserable. sucks boy.

hmm...maybe i'll cut and paste our conversation down..

okay...after much considerations, my inner boss've decided
to give the green light to reveal sniplets of my
conversation with dolphin...due to security purposes, we
have to hire actors...

Then again, I took the conversation down. Can't pass the
censorshipboard you own censorship board.