2001-09-23 16:19:24 (UTC)

A colourful World contained in a diary

While searching for recent entries of other people's
diaries, I've came across a diary called "Harmonies". It
was written by Leonalia. Her entries was simply
breathtaking. i mean it mann...brings me to another
dimension which exist only when I read books in my bed.
Although it didn't solve my problem of indecisiveness, it
procastinated my attempts to resolve it. Which i think is a
way of solving it ;) But I'm digressing. Her power of
expressing her dreams(in one of her entries) are beyond my
expectation. It's like I'm living her dream there and then.
won't be surprised if she's a famous writer. I may have
read her works before. Hell, what am I saying? I already
did just now hehe. In she go--to my favourites. Be spying
you Leo...

Will OD turn me into a perverted spy? Or am I already
one...maybe that's what they meant when they left notes to
welcome me into their community here. hehe

diary is my middle name and spying is my game...

Let's Confess our sins to Father OD...

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