baby pink
2003-02-11 15:10:11 (UTC)

boredom, strikes ..again

well here i am again in college bored shitless hey it seems
that i spend most of ma college times in here in the
lib ... i mean i dont even have any classes no more i go
and they say hey thats you go home i mite c u tomoz ...
whats the fuck..? Anyway found out that the aud im goin for
is not till tomoz and it mite not even b tomoz hope so i
aint even ready yet i wanna do so well toz ma wee mum will
b so happy n also toz i never hget the part i audition for
as i aim to low or just dont have "high engery" lol. I ll
give it ma best... n ne way ive got ma singin exam on
thursady im shittin it.... but valentines days on friday so
i guess thats somethin to lok forward to eh? it ll will def
b a wee treat to calm down hey im drinkin clamin herbal tee
now lol and takin calmin tablets ... hey ive bn stressed
out to the max will all this doctors shit... i dunno what
im gonna do honestly got so much shit to tell him (ma doc)
just dunno how to but i guess ill just give it ma best try
n c what happens ma appointment on thursday .... ahh the
hetic day... shit what if im not finished ? shit i never
thought bout that i better investigate that one ..
well any way im gonna head time to go home nrelax erm i
mean learn songs lol
xXx BaBy PiNk xXx

pss I have a website yeaaa h after all this work hey it
still needs work but i have one lol

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