Bruce Wayne

2003-02-11 14:23:07 (UTC)

Living well is the best revenge

I believe in Ying and Yang, Karma, The Force, the Golden
Rule....and so forth.

In thinking about the job developments, and the extremely
remote possibility of the lottery, it occurred what a great
story the last 4-5 years would make. I got screwed by the
likes of Dan Curley, and his desire to kiss all available
asses at the the Dept. of Public Health. Then the whole
drive at the DPH for "Popular Education" despite their
mandate to use the Fed funds for studied and proven
modalities. Jean Maguire's asertion that she would disband
the MPPG if they should not cooperate with her desired
direction. Then there's littl ole me caught in the middle ,
trying to do the right thing. Standing up for what is
right, and getting squashed by the powers that be. Curley
and Maguire find they have a common thorn in their side and
decide the best way to extract it is to have my position
relieved. This ammounts to blackballing in the professional
AIDS community since the State is the primary funder of
programs. So after 10 years in the field...I'm on the
outside looking in.

After nearly a year of unemployment,I finally took a
customer service job for a Pharmaceutical company, and in 8
mos worked it into a sales position. Even as the customer
Service Rep I was making more $ than I was in Human
Services, and the sales position was a nice boost in the
earnings. Now I find myself looking at a job that is worth
a potential $100k a year. So things have turned around for
the little guy. As I'm preparing to change jobs , me and 19
of my colleagues chip in on lottery tickets ...and Win. We
split $120 million. I offer $1 million donation to my
former employer under the condition that Dan has to step
down. The local news picks up on the story and the whole
story comes out. The state, to avoid shame, fires Maguire,
Kevin Cranston, and Delila Balfour and my retribution is

Living well is clearly the best revenge. The dish has
cooled sufficiently and can now be served cold!