Teen 13
2003-02-11 14:19:49 (UTC)

Thinking of Death

Hey... I'm not down or aything... I just think of Death
too much... Death... dead people are so lucky... because
they dont need to wait for death to slash them at any
moment now... no more worries when waking up in the
morning... no more nothing... considering they are
nothing. Today in class I dozed off thinking of death. My
teacher didnt notice it coz of the one infront of me. I
dozed off thinking of Death... how stupid could I get? My
good friend at the back of my seatmate psst pssted me and
I woke up... my 15 minutes passed by quick. We had 2
recesses a day which were 15 minutes and we had to stay
outside in the blizzarding cold!

Outside we had a snowball fight with the guys... and one
of my friend Riikka (I live in Finland and am half-
filipina and finnish)fell down face down and Sauli
(*sawli*) sat on her back and began pretending *ehem*
*beeep* (s.................e...............x...........)
which was very growse coz he was tons heavier than her!
He's not FAT but he weighs alot. She tried to kik him off
and shouting so we helped and started throwing snowballs
at him... I dont know if it helped. But he got off anyway.
At lunch time (lunch is free there and no one can bring
own foods) we had spaghetti and fries since it was some
special day today... I was expecting some fish vegetable
balls and potatoes but not. The fruit salad was good

We (the girls) had handwork lesson while they (the boys)
had woodworks lesson (its a girl boy thing, no girls in
woodwork). We were making pants with no zippers and I was
just starting to learn how to use the sewing machine...
All the others knew how... but it worked pretty well (I
chose black denim from the store where we went). And by
next week my pants will be finished! For some reason I
started thinking of Death again... it was weird but heres
what came to my mind:
Death... Isnt it weird... to worry that any moment know...
the world'll just pass u by? Pass u by taking your breath
with it... no holding back just taking it... Or not waking
up the next day but finding yourself in the highest of
high... the whitest of white... the purest of pure... the
place we call paradise... or just not waking up at all...
but just finding yourself in an eternal dream of flame...
of darkness... of a place with a color of blood... and
there it was my thoughts sank deep into my mind when I had
realised I had reached home to day dream... of JJ... (if u
want to know who JJ is read my first entry).

Always thinking of Death,