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2001-09-23 16:16:08 (UTC)

Why I decided to start a diary 7/24/2000

Most of what I've done(and sometimes regretted) in my life
are always sparkled by my thoughts and emotion at that
particular time. 70% of it are grey. Meaning I'm unhappy ;(
I kept my own problems to myself, dun really like the idea
of sharing it. Unless I really have to. But I like to help
people in trouble, and don't know why, they always came to
me with their burden. And I embraced it as if my own. Maybe
that where the white hairs came from ;) I dun really feel
like a saint when I help them but it's just natural, like
it's part of me.

I didn't have any experience of writing a diary. Erm, maybe
once in primary 3....well, like i said, i'm blue all over,
so I feel like expressing my thoughts. What better way than
to write it down? Then there's this gal i knew recently.
She told me about her keeping a diary, so i thought, why
not? yup, there you have it...

"thoughs of the depressed dictator"

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