Bruce Wayne

2003-02-11 13:56:03 (UTC)

What a week...lessons in life

Back in December , my co-worker, Tom contacted a competitor
about us being their Reps in the US. I didn't think much of
it at the time, untill we heard back from them. Giovanni
(cool ass name) said he'd like to meet with us to discuss
the possibilities. Tom threw a figure of $100 K at him
(base and commission) and he didn't even flinch. So it was
off to Burlington Vt. to meet with G. The meeting went
really well. A few phone calls followed, numbers were
thrown around, and an arangement was decided upon. It is
almost unbelievable to me that I could be making $100K.

This has definetly been a lesson in life for me. I kind of
poo poo'd the idea when Tom proposed it. There were some
ethical issues I struggled with, that turned out to be
irrelevant. He has the ability to piss me off in an
instant, but I don't give him nearly enough credit for his
experience. That might be because of the ammount of time he
spends tooting his own horn. I've been pretty amused by
that considering I've only been doing this 2 years and he's
been in it 20 and I have kicked his ass every quarter since
I started. If not for him I wouldn't have been in the
position to take advantage of this opportunity though.

Tom has been like a kid on Xmass eve. He won't shut up
about it, which has made for a bit of an uncomfortable
situation at work. I've asked him no less than a dozen
times, not bring it up , or at least come into my cube and
whisper. It was pretty funny, during my interview with Gio,
he asked me if my relationship with Tom was a mentoring
one. I was taken quite by surprise and laughed a little. I
told him that i'd had people try to mentor me in the past
and the results were never great. I, instead, preferr to
learn from all those around me, everyone has something to
offer. Even if it's how not to do something.

In the midst of all this , Thursday I had my hearing with
the Clerk Magistrate for my speeding ticket. Apparently,
the ticket never made it to court with the other paper
work. I don't know if that's because the Statey pulled it
rather than have to go to court for the hearing only to
have the Judge throw it out for the incorrect date. The
Magistrate was telling me that , much against his better
judgement, by law he was forced to dismiss the case since
the summons, which is prima facia evidence did not
accompany the other paper work. He went on to tell me that
if I was not going to take the safety of others and myself
into consideration, that I might want to think about how my
loved ones would feel if I were to die in an acident. Well
this pissed me right off. I asked him if he absolutely had
to dismiss this, he replied yes. I said that I was relieved
to be living in a country where I am innocent til proven
guilty, I thanked him and the officer for their time ,
wished them a good day, collected my paper work and left.

Chalk two up for the good guy!!!!!

They say good things come in threes. 20 of us at work are
in a $120 million lottery pool. It'd make for a real
interresting month if that came through. I don't really
believe it'll happen, but our chances are as good as
anyones. It'll be a real hoot to come back and read this as
a millionaire. hehehehehehe