2001-02-23 07:14:51 (UTC)

the itches and witches keep..

the itches and witches keep making me move. whirling and
twirling and feeling the mysterious ways. o yes i am
pressed up against a wall and i am messed up... careening
through the city streets. the jungle. but not because if it
were i would be swinging and singing but really i am just
walking and talking. o the city. the lights. never go out.
not out of my head. nor away from my face. not out of my
eyes. nor shining so bright in my mind. the vividness. o
the lights are much brighter and o what a sight? how will
you make it so mr? what will you do for me that i haven't
already done. the sad part is nothing. you don't even see
me. i am making you up and you are doing what my
subconscious is telling you to. o YES!